We offer classes in the summer for anyone interested in learning!  While the classes are in the same location, they follow a different structure than our regular workshops.  These classes are during the week and will go much more in depth on specific topics.  They range in length but usually only last an hour to two hours long depending on the topic, however, all of the classes are progressive and build on the previous classes.  Each class is usually between 3 and 4 sessions.  Not only are these classes extremely fun and educational, but you always get to leave with more knowledge than you came in with!

The classes are presented by volunteer costumers and we may well be updating and adding more classes for those interested, so remember to check our website regularly.

2024 Summer Classes

Basic Electronics - Presented by Bill Werzner Wednesdays at 10:00AM

We are scheduling four Wednesday classes that will be held starting July 10 and continuing on July 17, 24, and 31 at Electronic Parts Outlet (EPO), 3753 Fondren Road, Houston, TX 77063. Classes are from 10AM to 12PM. We have held classes like these at EPO in previous years and are being brought back by popular demand. Cost is $10/student for the four class series of Basic electronics. All of this classes are progressive and build on the previous classes. We welcome attendees 12 years old and up!

  • CLASS 1 - July 10 @ 10:00AM

Before a house can be built, you must first start with plans, drawings, etc., and a good foundation is essential.  This applies to electronics as well ! Class #1 will get you off to a good start by introducing you to basic electronic diagrams, what the symbols mean, how to interpret them; and what the components look like in real life.  From there we will discuss electrical voltage, current, watts, AC, DC, static electricity, conductors, fuses, LED lights, circuit breakers, insulators, cells and batteries along with hands on demonstrations. We will also introduce you to the lithium battery, zinc carbon and lead acid batteries.  How to use simple basic test instruments for troubleshooting will also be explained. With hurricane season fast approaching, and possible power interruptions on the horizon, this information will be essential to know on your job, at home, or wherever!

  • CLASS 2 - July 17 @ 10:00AM

Delving further into electronics we will discuss basic circuitry that includes wiring of switches, fuses and circuit breaker installation, basics of AC & DC motors, current loads and how to test these circuits. From there, we will move on to basic resistance circuits (parallel and series arrangements). You will see firsthand how voltage divides in a series circuit, but current remains the same. Then on to parallel circuits current divides, but voltage remains the same, again a hands on demonstration. Transformers step up and step down will be next along with demonstrations. If you are into audio amplifiers you will find the transformer session most valuable. It will include parallel and series output circuits, load matching, crossover networks, and speaker phasing (this could explain why a speaker hookup produced crappy sound, this once happened to me in a movie theater sound system installation many years ago).

  • CLASS 3 - July 24 @ 10:00AM

The third class will be devoted to circuitry that includes capacitors, resistors, inductors (coils), diodes (rectifiers), tube and transistor circuits, basic audio amplifiers etc. Along with this information, procedures for performing basic troubleshooting techniques – hands on demonstrated. Bring along your favorite volt ohmmeter, signal generator, etc. to compare. This class will use simple basic circuits in the training examples. If you want to establish a basic starting point to delve into electronic circuit troubleshooting, this is the class you won't want to miss.

  • CLASS 4 - July 31 @ 10:00AM

The last class of our summer series will delve into basic AM and FM radio receivers, along with a review of audio amplifiers. Most of this class will be devoted to hands on demonstrations and troubleshooting. As a starter, we will begin with "Radios That Work for Free" and how one can listen to AM radio with a simple crystal radio circuit. Also, there will be a demo of a crystal radio experiment that won first place in both the Houston and Texas State Science Fairs, where batteries were charged by air waves from Houston Station 790 KTRH. The class will conclude with troubleshooting a functioning AM radio using a tube tester, VOM, and signal generator. Time permitting, an oscilloscope will be used to show actual wave forms of signals at different test points.

PURCHASE A SEAT ON THIS CLASS: BASIC ELECTRONICS - Presented by Bill Werzner Wednesdays at 10:00AM


Using Oscilloscope - Presented by Tom Taylor Wednesdays at 2:00PM

In these classes (Same days that the Basic Electronics Class) you will learn basic use and controls of Oscilloscope.   Basic application of Oscilloscopes looking at Audio Signals, Logic and Pulse for PWM controls. We have a classroom set of scopes for participants to use. Class is $10/person for the series of Oscilloscope classes.  No additional purchases necessary for this class. All of this classes are progressive and build on the previous classes. We welcome elementary school attendees to retired!

  • CLASS 1 - July 10 @ 2:00PM
  • CLASS 2 - July 17 @ 2:00PM
  • CLASS 3 - July 24 @ 2:00PM
  • CLASS 4 - July 31 @ 2:00PM
PURCHASE A SEAT ON THIS CLASS: USING OSCILLOSCOPE - Presented by Tom Taylor Wednesdays at 2:00PM


Arduino Classes - Presented by Caz Bowyer Thursdays at 10:00AM and 2:00PM

All the Arduino Uno micro-controller classes will require a *Windows laptop or a Mac* so participants can code (C++) their arduino. All of this classes are progressive and build on the previous classes.

We will be using the arduino IDE Software which you can download prior to the class here:

The arduino classes are divided by Morning classes or afternoon classes,   The cost is $10/person for the whole series of morning OR the whole series of afternoon classes.  Please do not switch from morning to afternoon or vise-versa after signing up, there are a limited number of seats in each class.

The instructor will direct you as to which parts she wants you to buy for the class.  She will keep costs as low as possible.   Parts should cost less than $80 for all.  Parts purchased are yours to keep after the class. All of this classes are progressive and build on the previous classes. We welcome elementary school attendees to retired!

  • Morning CLASS 1 - July 11 @10:00AM
  • Morning CLASS 2 - July 18 @10:00AM
  • Morning CLASS 3 - July 25 @10:00AM



  • Afternoon CLASS 1 - July 11 @ 2:00PM
  • Afternoon CLASS 2 - July 18 @ 2:00PM
  • Afternoon CLASS 3 - July 25 @2:00PM

*This class requires a *Windows laptop* (you may bring an Apple Laptop with program already setup, but instructor may not be able to help you do the software setup).  This class is $10 per person. If you have a group you wish to bring in, please contact Chris for group pricing and details.


2024 Class Schedule