Combat Robots

Periodically we host robot battles where contestants will bring in their remote controlled, combat creations and put them to the test!  We host these tournament style battles to build, improve and discuss these robots because they're a great way to get into the electronics community while still having a lot of fun.  Please note that these events are open to all ages, beginners to experts.  Innovation spark and EPO is available to assist in helping contestants building their robots and lots of the parts come right from our shelves.  Visit our store to sign up for our mailing list so you can get notifications!



Saturday, June 1, 2024

Join us Saturday June 1st, 2024 for "JUNE JAMBOREE"  Presented by Innovation Spark (who brought us the Houston Maker Faire) and Hosted by Electronic Parts Outlet - Houston, to see robots fighting in our parking lot!

Rain? YES!  It will probably rain (this is Houston), but no worries - we will be under some large tents! Multiple teams, some coming from across the country, will be competing with robots that battle to the death.

Participants will be arriving at 10AM to set up; the competitions will begin at Noon and likely continue through 5 or 6PM. The robots fighting on the 1st will range from non-destructive human operated robots weighing 1/3 of a pound to 3lb robots equipped with deadly cutting blades and more.

NOTE: We have launched a new class of 150g Sportsman, which is a non-lethal class, this is for teams that don't want to do full destructive combat. So if you are new, or prefer not to have your bot damaged, you can fight in this class.

Spectators are welcome and encouraged to join us. We expect the majority of the repairs and all of the competition to take place outside in the Electronic Parts Outlet parking lot.   We have Gus's Food Truck coming.  They will be selling delicious burgers on site though 3PM.

Your RSVP for the event  is most appreciated as it helps us with our planning.

**PARKING** Participants and spectators who are staying for the day are asked to PLEASE park in the off-site parking at the school down the street behind our building which our signs will direct you to.    Please leave spaces in front of the store and behind building open for customers that just need to run in and out to get something.  PLEASE BE RESPECTFUL OF OUR NEIGHBORS SO THAT PARKING DOES NOT INTERFERE WITH THEIR BUSINESSES.   We will have event signs indicating where to park.


Registration to compete in the Tournament:

Files for a robot design can be found here:

December 2020

This battle we had 26 robots enter in our tournament and we spaced everything out in our parking lot.  This event was brought to us by Innovation Spark who also brought us the Houston Maker Fair!  We worked with the small business across the street from us, Mikes Ice House, to provide some excellent BBQ among other American food options.  This was a lot of fun and we hope to do these events more often with larger crowds and more robots!