Summer Classes

We offer classes in the summer for anyone who is interested in learning more!  While the classes are in the same location, they follow a different structure than our regular workshops.  These classes are during the week and will go much more in depth on specific topics.  Please visit our store if you wish to sign up!

2019 Summer Classes

In the calendar below are the classes available for registration at this time.  PLEASE PURCHASE YOUR TICKET BY SATURDAY, JULY 27th IF YOU WISH TO PARTICIPATE.  You will be able to purchase everything you need for the classes in our store!  The total cost of each class will vary depending on the parts used and the choices made by the participants on how they want to complete their project. The radio class will not require any parts.

Mechanical Classes - Presented by Grier Martin, Michael Whitley, Jonathan Wu, and Julio Zaga. Approximately $70 for parts

9:30am - 11:30am --- Open to All

Arduino Classes - Presented by Caz Bowyer, Jonathan Wu, and Julio Zaga. Approximately $100 for parts

9:30am - 11:30am --- Middle School and under class

2:00pm to 4:00pm --- High School students and up

* The conclusive Arduino/Mechanical class has two sessions *

Basic Electronics and Radio - Presented by one or more members of the Houston Vintage Radio Association (HVRA), $10 per session

1:00pm to 3:30pm --- Recommended for ages 12 and older

Session 1, July 30th, will begin to cover an introduction to basic electronics: series & parallel circuits, basic house wiring, fuses and circuit breakers, GFCI's and safety, voltage and current, AC and DC, watts, batteries, calculating power usage, voltmeters and ammeters, reading circuit diagrams, ohms, resistance and basic trouble shooting, and setting up a work bench with test equipment.

Session 2, August 1st, will begin with a review of your take home exercise from session 1 and answer any questions you may have.  This class will continue where we left off with an introduction to capacitors and how they are used in electronic circuits. This includes blocking DC and passing AC, frequency, capacitive load, voltage classification, charge and discharge electrolytic and non electrolytic types, introduction to transformers, coils, and rectifiers in circuits.

Session 3, August 6th, will begin with a review answer any questions you may have.  Following the previous class, we will discuss different kinds of transformers including step up, step down, auto transformers, choke coils, solenoids, and explain transformer calculations, turn ratios, DC chopper circuits, and solid state rectifiers.  Following will be an introduction to voltage multipliers and power supplies.

Session 4, August 8th, will begin with a review and answer any questions you may have.  This class will begin by focusing on power supplies for electronic equipment, examples of voltage multipliers in circuitry, a review of rectifier circuits including solid state and vacuum tube.  Voltage regulation techniques, Zener diodes and how they function, then conclude with an introduction to vacuum tube and solid state amplifiers.

Session 5, August 13th, will begin with a review and answer any questions you may have. Now that the basics of simple electronic circuits have been covered, we will delve into simple vacuum tube amplifiers, how they function, various tube designs and what they do, and some vacuum tube testing. We will go over single end, parallel, and push/pull output stages, output transformers, 70.7 volt line transformers, types of speakers, balancing, bass / treble control and trouble shooting. Session 5 will be the last in this introductory series class. Additional classes will be most likely be offered during the fall on a monthly schedule and will deal with specific topics such as the evolution of radios for the home and automobile - a fascinating piece of history. Sound motion pictures, stereophonic sound, FM radio, and more!