Summer Class 2021

We offer short classes in the summer for anyone interested in learning more!  While the classes are in the same location, they follow a different structure than our regular workshops.  These classes are during the week and will go much more in depth on specific topics.  They range in length but usually only last an hour or two each session, however, some are progressive and may build upon each session.  Each class is usually only 4 sessions.  Not only are these classes extremely fun and educational, but you always get to leave with more than you came in with!

2021 Summer Classes

Arduino Classes - Presented by Caz Bowyer

All the Arduino Uno micro-controller classes will require a *Windows laptop* so participants can code (C++) their arduino.  We will be using the arduino IDE Software which you can download prior to the class here:  The First Session (July 6th) will mostly just be the set-up of the software and settings so that everyone can easily code their arduino with things like blinking an LED and using a DC motor.  The following classes will begin the building: Session 2 will be over a ferris wheel built with a stepper motor and push buttons, Session 3 will be over a mechanical arm with a servo motor and potentiometer input, and in Session 4 you will learn how to built a catapult with a range sensor!   Caz is a very good friend and long-time presenter for the store.  She is a DIY enthusiast who loves to share her knowledge of micro-controllers!

*This class requires a *Windows laptop*.  This class is $20 per person and less than $80 worth of parts purchased separately at the store (The instructor will help navigate which parts to buy before each class)

Guitar Pedal Classes - Presented by Matt Wilson

These guitar pedal classes will presented by physics teacher, Matt Wilson!  He will go over how they work and you'll be able to build your own right here in the store to take home with you if you wish.  Matt will be bringing parts of his own for participants to borrow however, if participants want to build their own guitar pedals they will be able to purchase their own parts in the store.

Quick History of The Fuzz Pedal:

12 Variations of the same circuit:

*This class will not require parts, however, if participants wish to build their own they can buy the parts in-store

*Matt Wilson will bring a class set but if you would like your own you can purchase separately at the store

*It is an informal class where you can stay just a few hours so *please coordinate with Chris by email or contact the store at 713-784-0140*

Mechanical / Robotics Classes - Nolan Dunne

Nolan will be using our Tamiya kits from the store to build a small robotic drive-train!  Participants will be able to build their own miniature (book sized) drive-train alongside everyone else

*This class is $20 per person and requires less than $80 worth of parts purchased separately at the store (The instructor will help navigate which parts to buy before each class)

General Electronics Classes - Bill Werzner

These general electronics classes will begin with the basic components and work up to more complicated circuits.  They will be presented by the president of the Houston Vintage Radio Association (H.V.R.A.) Bill Werzner and colleagues!

*This class will not require parts

*Dates to be determined*

Soldering Classes -

*Dates to be determined*


Sign Up needs to be done in person at Electronic Parts Outlet prior to *Saturday June 26th*