At least once a month we will host a free educational workshop open to everyone of all ages!  We have a wide variety of customers and attendants from students and engineers to hobbyists.  Take a look at a few of our recent workshops and then visit our store to sign up on our mailing so you can receive updates and information about our upcoming events!

Transistors - Presented by Mike Condon

Solar Power - Presented by Bill Swann

Thanks to Bill Swann, a retired mechanical engineer and EPO customer, we had a fantastic solar workshop!  He went over some of the types of solar panels and the main systems for household use.  A true DIY legend!

Tesla Coils - Presented by Bill Nachefski

Former EPO employee and electrical engineer, Bill Nachefski, presented an eye-catching workshop by shooting lighting bolts across the store!  He went over the basics of how a Tesla coil works, how they came about, and demonstrated one of his for us inside the store.

Breadboarding and Tube Radios - Presented by Tom Taylor and Lance Bordon

We had a fantastic workshop presented by Tom Taylor, retired aerospace electrical engineer, on bread boarding along with Lance Bordon, president of the Bordon Radio Company!  They shared some of their vast knowledge on many different topics such as electron tubes, tube radios, and the mechanics of breadboards.  He had lots of hands on projects and ideas to give out.

Capacitors - Presented by Stefan

Stefan is a Geophysicist who was interested in catching the attention of students and the younger generations to learn more about electronics.  What better way to do this then to present a workshop on one of the most important and basic electronic components out there?  Stefan went over the basics of what a capacitor is, the main principles that make it function, and what they're used for.  Students and adults also viewed Stefan make a capacitor completely from scratch to fully illustrate the answer to the question "what is a capacitor?"

The Physics in Magnetism and Motors - Presented by Will Maze

Will Maze has given multiple hands on workshops on the properties of magnetism that have always left our audience smarter than they were walking in the store!  He has gone over many important principles such as Lenz's Law and induction using homemade displays as well as how to make your own simple magnets at home.  These laws and properties of magnets were put to the test when everyone in the store got to build their own motor using a universal AA battery and solid copper wire.

DC Motor Controls and Arduino basics - Presented by Caz Bowyer

Magic Tricks and Slight of Hand - Presented by Robert Berry

Robert Berry, the professional magician, has given a few workshops on slight of hand and how to successfully fool your friends with elaborate tricks!  While providing excellent entertainment, Robert did a walk through of the tricks we sell to teach and inspire people.  While magic is thought to be a lost form of entertainment, it has recently been popular among the younger generations.  It is truly amazing to witness objects come out of thin air and seemingly impossible scenarios unfold before your eyes!

Sound Production using an Arduino - Presented by Stephen Craig

Steven Craig has talked about a lot of different things with us before and he presented an intriguing workshop on sound! What is sound?  How is it produced?  How to we hear sound?  All of these questions were answered in his hands on presentation on how to control sound with an Arduino.

DeOxit Chemicals - Presented by Fayetta Tahnisch