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Electronics. Robotics. Science

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Whether you're looking for electronic components and parts (capacitors, semi- conductors, belts , motors and more!)  for work or play, you'll find what you need at Electronic Parts Outlet. We deal extensively with project kits, robotics, and microcontrollers here. You'll also find lighting equipment and parts, security sensors, surplus supplies, and more.

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Are you interested in learning more? We offer FREE educational workshops and class tours here at our locally-owned company. Tours are available by appointment — You must stop by in person to learn more about our workshops and get signed up by our friendly team!

When you're looking for electronic components (capacitors, semi- conductors, belts , motors and more!)  you should stop by here first. We stock network installation equipment, audio / visual equipment, parts, and more. Just come in and view our huge selection, or call us today! Make this your only stop.

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