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New and interesting bargains, always changing

Are you seeking the resources to build and prototype?

If your answer is a resounding yes, then you'll love the surplus area of Electronic Parts Outlet. We source interesting items for you to explore. We like to keep a wide-variety of interesting products, and we buy in bulk so you can save. Come on in often as we have a selection that changes frequently.

Everything under one roof

Many options in cool products

You'll find many items to finish your project successfully at Electronic Parts Outlet. We carry items for people who like to learn by doing — if you're a hands-on person, you'll find loads of interesting items and be inspired to start a new project. We also cater to all ages, come and ask about our FREE educational workshops and class tours.

• Science fair / physics equipment

•  LED / lighting

• Connectors / test equipment / power supplies

• CCTV / wire /

• Tools / computer accessories

• Parts for hobby CNC machines


Come in and visit our helpful associates and get started your next project!

Come here to find what you need, our  enthusiastic team will help you find solutions.

Find interesting items:

3753-B Fondren Rd.

Houston, TX 77063


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