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Find what you need to start your projects.

You can choose from a range of robotics products, as well as microcontrollers.

At EPO, you'll find a wide-selection of robotics supplies and microcontrollers to finish your project with success. Since 1985, we've provided high-quality service to the folks in Houston and beyond. See our large selection and create an excellent project. We cater to professionals and hobbyists alike from middle school to post-grad to supply products and knowledge.

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• Pololu

• SparkFun

• Raspberry Pi

• Arduino

• BiPom

• Unique selection

• Customer friendly team

In addition to robotics and microcontrollers, you'll find a large selection of items for work and play alike. Get audio and visual equipment, lighting equipment and parts, as well as salvage and surplus items that can save you money off of our already competitive pricing.


Stop by Electronic Parts Outlet today to find out more about our FREE educational workshops and class tours. Come and see our team today!

Get the dedicated staff that loves working with customers. You will be amazed at all of the supplies that come through our doors.

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3753-B Fondren Rd.

Houston, TX 77063


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