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By The Bird, Jun 9 2016 05:57PM

The Bird here, today on the feed the most inspiring thought just surfaced on the Integrated circuits isle Building my own home made radio boom box. I could sure use one here at the nest. All the materials are here in the store for my convenience including project boxes that fit my specifications and the awesome selection of switches made it easier to find a cool and interesting style to add on my project. Not only did they have what I was looking for, but the overall available options were vast. I even grabbed a very awesome set of small speakers from their audio section.

Now that I got the core parts ready, it’s time to put it all together! Thank goodness they have a section for soldering equipment. All the necessary tools I require are available, including de-soldering tools, helping hands, solder stations, specialty tips and much more!

Well friends it’s time to get this project rolling! Keep checking out The Bird feed every week for more captivating content, and find out how my project develops!

By The Bird, May 24 2016 01:12PM

As I was walking in the front of the store my attention was caught by all the blinking lights from project kit display board on the side wall. A closer look revealed that they were project boards with electrical components on them powering LEDs to do different functions. Not only were those on display but there were also color organs, counters, cyclic relays, and even a guitar effects pedal and FM Radio Station. My curiosity took over and soon it all became clear.

These were project kits to help inspire and teach entrepreneurs how to begin building electrical components to do various things, and as I studied the isle, I discovered all the various kits featured at EPO. There were so many options from radio kits, amplifiers, motor speed control, motion and light detectors, and much more.

If you think that you need practice on reading a circuit diagram this is definitely the section to be at. Not only do the kits come with instructions. It’s also something you’ll want to show off to world once their built.

This isle is truly impressive and breathtaking for the DIY electronics enthusiast. They even have science kits for anything to building enviro batteries to windmill energy generators. There is so much to take in here, if you have not been here you need to come in. You have to see it through your own eyes to understand the magnitude of my excitement! Come inside spend some time with EPO, you will NOT regret it!

As always I enjoy spending this time with you to share my discoveries at EPO and please join me through the next weeks on my further adventures through this candy store of electronics and more!

By The Bird, May 13 2016 01:27PM

Fresh off The Bird Feed here. There are two guys here Chris and Rick and they have done some awesome things with EPO. The store has all of the basics you would expect of any electronics supplier, but there is so much more here too for the entire family.....

They seem to have all this cool stuff here and they have have some some unbelievable deals on things that I could not believe. For instance, I had to fluff my feathers after I was blown away by this subwoofer special they had on some Logitechs. They are beautiul 8 inch subwoofer drivers. Not only did they have those but they had Plate Amplifers made by Boston Acoustics! I heard them matched together and in short what amazing bass! If you enjoy building your own subwoofers and speakers then this is truely the place to come. They have a large variety of drivers and components for true DIY. Go check out more on these amazing specials on the EPO Facebook page.

There is so much to see, check my Bird Feed every week for more of my exciting discoveries and man are my wings tired.

By The Bird, Apr 7 2016 01:28PM

Here is some Feed from your friend The Bird. Today I was taking a quick lap around epo to get a grasp of my surroundings. This store is truely a one of a kind electronic parts store, I was inspired and my mind was flowing with ideas as I made a pass down each isle in the front of the store. Just when I thought I was done checking out the isles, I made another discovery. The Back of EPO! Incredible items waiting to be discovered and it is opened for all to see!

Speakers, fans, connectors. Security cameras, accessories, tools and cables. Even networking and more! The back of EPO was just as amazing as the front of the store and if you look closely, there are hidden gems that could be missed if overlooked.

I encourage you to come in and tour this amazing electronics store. Not only do they have the essental electronic components but they also have items that will excite you no matter what age you are. You will walk out feeling truely inspired to start innovating your own DIY projects no matter what scale!

Check out my Bird Feed next week on Houston's one stop electonic parts shop.

By The Bird, Mar 24 2016 03:42PM

Hello, and welcome to my feed.
Hello, and welcome to my feed.

Do you like to build things? Do you like gadgets and surplus? I discovered just the place! A place called Electronic Parts Outlet which evidently has been here since 1985....I am not sure how I missed it before. This is my new favorite place to be and hang out everyday. I hope you will come in and join me too. Who am I? I am The Bird. So Welcome and brace yourselfs for my new EPO Bird Feed Posts as I check out all the new things this place has to offer!

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